Constellation work

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Systemic work / constellations

Whoever you are, wherever you are or work, you bring yourself with you. From systemic thinking, you cannot separate yourself from the (family) system from which you originate. When you take the time to look at it in peace, it gives a lot of information.

What is a constellation?

A (family) constellation is one of the methods of systemic work. A number of representatives are set up in the room, revealing how you relate to others and what patterns play a role.

Constellations can be set up for the benefit of all kinds of systems. Laurens Smit guides the constellations.

Themes and questions

Actually, any theme or question is suitable. It may also be something you want to explore. Examples of themes are:

  • your own place in your family or work
  • divorce/composed family
  • achieving goals
  • difficulty making decisions
  • stagnating cooperation
  • burn-out issues
  • mourning and loss experiences
  • organisational questions

How does it work?

The facilitator asks the client what question they have or what they want to explore. This can be a family constellation, but also, for example, a career constellation.

The facilitator will ask the client to ask one or more people to stand as representants. In this way, dynamics, patterns, tensions and pain points become visible and tangible. This is of great significance for the client because he/she/they ‘sees’ and experiences what is going on and gains insight into a solution.

The facilitator will now consider what may be needed in the field of work. What happens next in the constellation is the core of the work, now it becomes visible what the relationships are, what patterns are at play and sometimes also what is needed in this situation.

Participation costs

RoleRegular priceStudent price
Client with question€ 150,-€ 75,-
Representant€ 75,-€ 37,50
All prices include VAT.

Costs does include coffee, tea and water. Please bring your own lunch, we will have one hour lunch break. If you find yourself currently in a situation where the costs are too high for you please contact me, we will find a way.